Hannah Hu

I have been living in the Stanford apartments for two years now and just recently graduated from UW's architectural design program. As a resident and architecture student of this particular street, I noticed its potential in becoming a vibrant hub as it directly connects the UW campus to student apartments, restaurants, and accessible bike lanes. I hope by participating in this competition, I can contribute as a fellow resident in making the U District and specifically 42nd street into a welcoming, lively space where residents and visitors alike can come together and thrive. 
Modular Seating & Standing System

This street furniture design can be used modularly, as each piece can separate and function on its own. But when put together, it becomes a cohesive seating area where those who want to sit and dine and those who want to briefly stand can share the space together. The planters also create a subtle separation between the seating and standing tables for those who want to feel more “sheltered”. 

These pieces can be made out of plywood sheets or series of 2x2s / 2x4s. The goal for this design is for the pieces to stretch long horizontally along the sidewalk, which can accommodate for maximum seating and table spaces for visitors. 

Experience the Art

U District Art Walk

The Street Furniture Design Competition entries will be installed for the U District Art Walk the afternoon of Friday, August 16.  Come experience public art on the Summer 'Green Street'!