Faith Lou Poirier

Faith Lou Poirier is a sculptural graduate from UW. She creates all of her work from recycled and natural materials and believes in creating community through her work and promoting connection and a deeper sense of responsibility to the earth. Faith Lou works to pull people into conversation with her pieces and inspire curiosity and connection within communities.

Life size ceramic female figure filled with plant life. The figure will be propped near the wall and vines will extend down over the body. The plants will cover the artwork and become the head, face, hair, and arms. She will be a part of the earthy landscape and vines that already cover the walls of 42nd street. The ceramic form is already created and the plant life will be available relatively cheaply. This art installation would add a garden aesthetic to the hustle and bustle streets of the U-district. It will pull people in with curiosity and add a dash of the peculiar and quirky.

Experience the Art

U District Art Walk

The Art Walk Competition entries will be installed for the U District Art Walk the afternoon of Friday, August 16.  Come experience public art on the Summer 'Green Street'!