Ka Kit Chiu

Ka Kit Chiu, a recent graduate of the University of Washington with an MS in Architecture specializing in Design Technology, hails from Hong Kong. Passionate about integrating AI with architecture through digital media technologies and design computation, Ka Kit aims to apply their knowledge to benefit and contribute to the community.
UW Bench

Inspired by the University of Washington's iconic "W" logo, this street bench features dynamic organic curves and a framing ring that creates a unique perspective for photo opportunities. Designed to cater to both local demographics and visitors during U District events, the bench spans 20 feet in length, 5 feet in width, and stands 8 feet tall. It includes two seating areas with a gradient slope ranging from 14 inches to 25 inches in height.

Conceptually, this temporary bench utilizes composite wood and employs advanced digital fabrication methods, specifically CNC machining, to assemble bolted and glued sections. Alternatively, materials like stainless steel or fiber-reinforced concrete could be considered for construction.

Experience the Art

U District Art Walk

The Street Furniture Design Competition entries will be installed for the U District Art Walk the afternoon of Friday, August 16.  Come experience public art on the Summer 'Green Street'!