Angelina Schanen

I'm currently finishing up my Interdisciplinary Arts degree at the University of Washington, with a keen interest experimental design. I love trying to think outside the box for innovative projects and learning technical skills. When I first transferred to the UW, I was honored with the Crabby Beach Art Scholarship, which only fueled my passion for moving forward on this exciting but conjectural path. 

Over the summer, I'm excited to be working on a personal project to create my own watch, which involves learning entirely new skillsets in hardware, software, and coding. I'm currently looking to find job that centers on art, so I can learn from people across different fields. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, playing games, and exploring the greater Seattle area! Im from Seattle born and raised, and have lived all around town. The university district is a nostalgic place for me, and I want to be apart of its future.
Communal Lock Booth

The "Communal Lock Booth" is a specially designed booth where community members can attach personalized locks and messages. This interactive art installation fosters unity, engagement, and a sense of belonging within the neighborhood. Participants are encouraged to share messages of love, friendship, community, and goals to contribute to a vibrant collection of values. 

The installation emphasizes the theme of 'shelter' by creating a physical space for communal reflection and connection. 

On opening day, locks will be given out and participants can choose to be apart of a photo opportunity, sitting in the booth holding out their locks to be compiled into a slideshow that can be featured as part of the art installation, via between outdoor movie screenings, posted to social media, etc.

Experience the Art

U District Art Walk

The Art Walk Competition entries will be installed for the U District Art Walk the afternoon of Friday, August 16.  Come experience public art on the Summer 'Green Street'!